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The mission of Manly Deeds Scholarship Foundation shall be charitable, educational and scientific including:

  • Assist at risk high school students with education enrichment activities and college preparation programs
  • Encourage academic excellence

  • Provide high school and college students with scholastic incentive awards and financial assistance for college

  • Provide educational and cultural enrichment activities for young adults and the community at large

  • Raise funds to accomplish these objectives.

Each year the Manly Deeds Scholarship Foundation continues to advance its cause of providing scholarship funds for worthy high school candidates and first year collegians in the greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas. This has become a massive effort evaluating some 100 candidates annually to award only 15.

Established in 2004, the Foundation has provided needed funds to 47 candidates. It financially supports the Ray Bartlett Academic & Civic Excellence Scholarship Program that does the work of qualifying those candidates. Of those 47 candidates, an increasing number return seeking additional financial aid, which we provide upon documentation of continued matriculation through school. In 2007, the Foundation announced the establishment of its educational endowment fund. The endowment fund’s mission is raise enough funds to completely fund 15 scholarships annually from the interest and dividends secured by the principle that will never be touched. With that in mind, by the end of 2008, the Foundation seeks to raise $50k, and $100k by the first half of 2009.

Our Foundation is doing great work. Although the Foundation receives support from a variety of sources including donations from generous fraternity members, it depends on contributions to fund our scholarships. We need your support, too!